Wellness Programs: 

Women’s Health

I work with women to empower them to achieve healthier lifestyles through their own efforts; by finding their inner spirituality, discovering ways to connect with their physical body through yoga and meditation and by rebuilding their personal relationship with food.

This program is designed to guide women towards ultimate health.  It is a holistic program based on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life.  Personalized for you, this program empowers you to rebuild your relationship with the foods that serve you best, balance the many aspects of your life, and support you in changing old habits for good.  Find a balance that supports and grounds you in your personal journey to health.  The program includes:

  •  Long- and short-term goal-setting 
  •  Nutritional assessment
  • Resources, recipes and tools for use at home
  • Complete set of notes and recommendations following each session


heart belly

Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition

Did you know your baby tastes the food you eat in the womb? It's true!  Eating a healthy diet while pregnant not only creates healthier eaters, but also leads to overall healthier babies in the long-term.  Pregnant moms who follow a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise report having more energy, better sleep, and easier labors.  Adopting healthy eating and living habits while pregnant can lead to faster recovery and healing after childbirth.  The program includes:


  • Nutritional assessment
  • Education of nutrient-dense foods to boost the health of you and your baby
  • Which foods to avoid during pregnancy and foods to incorporate
  • Strategies for management of nausea, constipation, heartburn and other discomforts
  • Recipes and tips to support you through every stage of your pregnancy
  • Nutritional guidance for nursing mothers
  • Complete set of notes and recommendations following each session


vivienne apple

Seed to Apple (Children’s Program)

I work with new parents and families to help build the foundation of good eating habits that will stay with children through every stage of their life.   Nurture and guide your children to love real, nourishing food and teach them to understand the value of fueling their bodies. 

This program is designed for your unique child’s stage of development and individual challenges with food, whether you are starting solids, introducing new foods, dealing with a picky eater or are simply interested in tweaking your family’s eating ways.  Explore unique puree combinations and healthy finger foods.  Tackle picky eaters by learning to understand and uncover the reasons for distastes and food preferences.  Learn which snack choices are best for stabilizing blood sugar throughout the day.  Set the foundation of healthy, well-balanced eating that will carry on throughout life.

  •  Nutritional assessment based on your individual child and/or family
  •  Pureeing and cooking demonstration
  •   Resources and tools for use at home, including dialogue-starters, recipes, and techniques for introducing new foods
  •  Complete set of notes and recommendations following each session

Initial Consultation (45 Minutes):

 Individual sessions and program packages are available.  All sessions include an initial consultation, tailored for you and/or your family. Your health history will be thoroughly reviewed, and goals and health concerns will be addressed. 

These programs are designed to guide you on your path to health, on your time and personal commitment to good health.  Where applicable, sessions are available in-office and by phone.  Email support is always available between sessions.  


CLEAN SLATE Pantry Makeover

The CLEAN SLATE pantry makeover is the perfect place to start when you are transforming your eating habits.  I make home visits to help replace those “less-than-desirable” items in the kitchen pantry with healthier versions for a complete pantry upgrade. Recommended for anyone looking to create a platform of healthier food choices for the entire family.

This 2-hour service includes:

WHAT:   An assessment of your kitchen and your personal dietary needs. Together we will analyze the products & items currently in your pantry and create a shopping list of nutrient dense foods to fill your kitchen. 

WHY:  Time and time again I have heard many people say they feel confused by food labels, what’s “good” and “bad” and where to begin when transforming their health.  I will help you develop a clearer understanding of the many hidden, unnatural ingredients that you may be using and are unaware of. 

HOW:  I will come to your home and help you reorganize & clear out your cupboard. You are clear, organized and confident knowing that the health of yourself and your family has just been upgrade for good.  The slate has been cleaned.